1994 Chocolate fuses with art. Sie wird in den Folgejahren zu seiner wichtigsten Beraterin. Bean-to-bar: The entire production process from bean to bar is incorporated into the Zotter Chocolate Manufactory. For her final paper, she travelled to Brazil to start a cocoa research project. S.P. : First, effective partners have common values and complementary strengths. Zuerst widmeten sich Josef Zotter und seine Frau einer Konditorei, die bekannt für ausgefallene Tortenkreationen war. Apprenticed as a chef/waiter and pastry chef. Meals for Schools" project. For a smaller foreign company, developing the requisite capabilities is often an expensive and difficult process, and so a competent and trustworthy partner can be valuable; that’s what Fang was to the Zotters. 1992 Josef Zotter starts making chocolate in the back room of his confectionery in Graz and invents hand-ladled (“hand-scooped”) chocolate, a unique blend of innovation and craftsmanship with layered fillings. 190 Tonnen Kakaobohnen und 150 Tonnen Kakaobutter verschmelzen jährlich zu 600 Tonnen Schokolade. Join Facebook to connect with Joe Zotter and others you may know. 2016 Zotter is nominated for the World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2016 in Monte Carlo. Und einmal eine süße feinduftende Kaffeeschoko, in der frisch gemahlener, fair gehandelter Kaffee steckt, der direkt bei Zotter in der Kaffeerösterei geröstet wird. As with the Chocolate Theatre, his watchwords are transparency, sustainability and innovation. All products are created by hand with love at Zotter’s in-house workshop, bean-to-bar and using fair traded ingredients, and then beautifully wrapped in elaborate and stunning designs by Andreas H. Gratze, who turns each individual chocolate bar into a beautiful, sensual present. In this case, my own view is that both the US and China offered attractive opportunities in terms of viability and feasibility; personal passion might have tipped the balance in favour of China. Nel 1992 inizia a produrre cioccolatini e inventa il cioccolato scavato a mano, una miscela di inventiva […] 1996 Josef Zotter is forced to go into administration. S.P. This is how roses meet almonds, caramel meets fine praline and whisky meets bacon. Extremely rare to no deviations in the outstanding quality of the products. In 1987, Josef and his wife Ulrike Zotter opened the Zotter Konditorei confectioners in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. "I have created this chocolate shocker because I know that only a few drops of blood are cause for a huge uproar, while factory farming is quietly accepted. Animals and plants are not products but living beings that should be treated with love and respect. However, since Shanghai was perceived to have a more international outlook, he instead introduced Josef to Shanghai-based Amy Fang and Rudi Messner, who had gained a good reputation among companies in the organic food business. BERGL, AUSTRIA — In 1996, Josef Zotter’s bakery business in Graz, Austria, was floundering. Mein Weg aus der Krise ("Headstand with Fresh Fish. But Zotter’s efforts pay off – even whisky and goji berries are sourced from organic production. He and his wife Ulrike open the Zotter confectionery in Glacisstraße in the Austrian city of Graz. 03.10.2019 - Josef Zotter: Chocolatier, Andersmacher, Familienmensch, Landwirt, ....Träumer. Website: europe.ceibs.eduMake an Enquiry, 5 Monrovia Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana Josef Zotter is married with three children. Und einmal eine süße feinduftende Kaffeeschoko, in der frisch gemahlener, fair gehandelter Kaffee steckt, der direkt bei Zotter in der Kaffeerösterei geröstet wird. Based on Fang’s success in this case, what are a few best practices that will help Chinese business executives better understand and collaborate with Europeans? Her deep understanding of local conditions and access to vital networks made it feasible to convert the Zotters’ dream of creating a chocolate theatre in Shanghai into a reality. We are talking about veritable chocolate miracles consisting of several layers, which are spread by hand – one on top of the other – onto long lanes. The company’s rapid growth meant it was not difficult for Josef to get bank loans to fund further expansion. "Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all." Anfänge. Michael Zotter. Chocolate Theatre: Visitors are invited on an excursion into the world of chocolate with various tasting and learning stations and a discovery shop. Horgen, Switzerland Josef Zotter is one of the few European bean-to-bar chocolate makers and the only one to produce exclusively organic and fair-trade quality. Marketing strategy or simple temptation? "There wasn’t even a sign, but people used to knock on my mother’s door and ask if they could buy chocolate. Zotter opens up the season 15/16 with the Artificial Fertiliser chocolate, a fusion of chocolate and art. This failure becomes a pivotal moment in his life. In addition to these changes in the market, Zotter also had other challenges to overcome. Il 1987 è l’anno di fondazione dell’azienda di famiglia Zotter. He expands and opens three more branches. Email: africaprogram@ceibs.edu After all, you can’t taste the child labour.". It provided visitors with an opportunity to understand the chocolate manufacturing process, try freshly roasted cocoa beans, taste more than 200 types of chocolate, and take a rest in its Viennese-style coffee bar. 2 unterschiedliche Tafeln in einer Verpackung: Einmal selbstgemachter Walnussnougat mit zart gerösteten und in Zimt karamellisierten Walnussstückchen als Einlage. The Zotter case demonstrates the value of having an excellent Chinese partner. 2012 Josef Zotter and his family visit Burmese child refugees in Thai camps, whom he supports with his "Yummy! Are there any lessons here for Chinese firms trying to decide on locations for their overseas expansion? Josef Zotter remembers the decisive moment: "It’s either the chocolate or the confectionery, we can’t do both." Ulrike Zotter managt das Unternehmen, sonst würde die Biografie hier endgültig enden. That’s our issue. April 2014: Josef Zotter, his wife Ulrike and daughter Valerie are visiting Cacao-Farmers in Belize, and planting trees together...the beginning of a beautiful teamwork *** Pralinen Schokoladenfabrik Delikatessen Hausgemacht Apfel Essen Und Trinken Abwechslung Geschafft Marzipan. Each stage, from roasting to milling to conching, is adapted to the individual cacao variety. Nach einigen Jahren wechselte er ins … 6 cocoa pods stand for "Extraordinary quality of all products. À l'heure actuelle, Zotter propose 365 variétés différentes de barres et autres sucreries. During the chocolate boom they were certainly one of the driving forces. By 2016, total retail sales of chocolate in the Chinese market had declined by 4%. Josef Zotter is married to Ulrike Zotter and has three children. For the Zotter Family, the core company value was having fun with chocolate. Apprenticed as a chef/waiter and pastry chef. Zuerst widmeten sich Josef Zotter und seine Frau einer Konditorei, die bekannt für ausgefallene Tortenkreationen war. Second, partners should know their limitations. Recognising the prohibitively intense competition in the European market, this left two main options: the US (also competitive, but a large market) and China, a nascent market with hardly any chocolate consumption. Insieme alla moglie Ulrike, Josef apre la pasticceria Zotter a Graz e le sue creazioni insolite guadagnano fama regionale portandolo ad aprire in breve tempo altri tre punti vendita. Email: info@ceibs.eduMake an Enquiry, CEIBS Zurich Campus, Hirsackerstrasse 46,  In 2011, Josef began looking for potential business partners in China.
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