Talking about grazing requirements and logistics, it should also be noted how elephants require over 200 pounds of food per day for general sustenance, and this number could go up when the animal is going through strenuous exercise (like crossing the ‘supernatural’ Alps). die Alpen überquerte, ist bis heute umstritten. On the other hand, the unexpected route, with its dangerous twists and turns, sort of also reflected the daringness of Hannibal himself, thus alluding to the Carthaginian leader’s proclivity for taking up challenges and gaining the ‘element of surprise’ over his foes. To join over 5,600 other subscribers, simply provide your email address: Hannibal’s Incredible Route Through the Alps: Experts Delve into the Astonishing Ancient Feat, Insightful animated short film presents the daily life of a Roman teenager in 73 AD, 2nd century AD Roman temple unearthed at Aswan, Egypt, Animation presents the history of the British Isles from 43 AD to 2016 AD, The Ancient Carthaginian Army: 10 Things You Should Know, Christopher Marlowe was the co-author of Shakespeare’s early plays – big data proves, An entire Hittite village to be reconstructed in the ancient site of Hattusha, Origins of zero traced back to the Sanskrit Bakhshali manuscript dating from 3rd century AD, Archaeologists ‘might’ have found the bones of the famous Mona Lisa, Europe’s oldest polished ax comes from a 9,500-year old grave in Ireland, 1,800-year old letter written by a Roman legionary strikes a poignant note, Janissaries: Origins and Military System Of The Elite Soldiers, Ancient Roman Gladiators: Origins and History, The Knights Templar: Origins, History, And Military, The Ancient Egyptian Armies of the New Kingdom, 30 Interesting Ancient Roman Latin Phrases And Sayings, The Roman Army: Tactics, Organization, and Command Structure. KALM, V. Furthermore, many of these animals were lost after Hannibal’s army encountered a variety of obstacles while crossing the dangerous pass, ranging from landslides, blockages to even ambush on the part of local tribes. Added to that scope, we are also talking about thousands of horses and pack-mules – and how their incredible numbers might have resulted in what the scientists have termed as ‘mass animal deposition’. Together they head for the Swiss border and freedom. Hannibal was determined to get his whole army – men and animals – across the treacherous path through the Alps. This does not prevent us, however, from enjoying the puzzle and adding some extra speculations. He is perhaps best known for his crossing of the Alps to wage war on Rome. Hannibal and The Alps: unravelling the invasion route. In other words, the analysis reverts to the ‘elephant in the room’, pertaining to the literal elephants in Hannibal’s army and their excretory remains. Hannibal's Route Across the Alps - Volume 10 Issue 1 - J. E. T. Brown. There was a deep strategic side to the entire affair, and the Carthaginian general precisely weighed his option and then decided to go for the calculated risk. Check if you have access via personal or institutional login, COPYRIGHT: © The Classical Association 1963, Hannibal marched in the direction of Mt. BLARQUEZ, O. Three possible routes match the descriptions by both Polybius and Livy: Col de la Traversette is considered the most probable route. Thus, Hannibal’s access to the coastal route into Italy was blocked not only by the Massilians but by at least one army, with another gathering in Italy. If you look at a map the route is very similar to the one that Hannibal took. Secrets of the Dead: Hannibal in the Alps (link here) was originally aired on 10th April 2018. Nochmals Hannibals Alpenübergang. Published online by Cambridge University Press. This data will be updated every 24 hours. Hannibal had to work with what he had available, which was the army that his father had left him in Spain, and whatever mercenaries and allies he could get to join him while there or on the march. Kalm, Volli Hij had zich immers goed laten inlichten over de passen door inheemse gidsen. Hannibal knew that this route was full of difficulties, but it remained the surest and certainly the quickest way to central Italy. Hannibal's route into Italy in the Second Punic war. Close this message to … West, A. Hannibal's first thought was to avoid this impasse by making a detour, but a fresh fall of snow made further progress impossible and he was compelled to abandon the idea. Hannibal and his army’s crossing of the Alps in 218 BC is often viewed as a military action that is tantamount to daredevilry on a large scale – a feat that is akin to the stuff of legend. SOMELAR, P. In Italia la seconda stagione è andata in onda dal 31 gennaio al 25 aprile 2015 su Premium Crime, canale della piattaforma televisiva Mediaset Premium. for this article. Hannibal soon ordered a halt and sent his Gallic guides forward to reconnoitre. Barendregt, Rene W. Livy attests to the latter’s leadership skills by mentioning how Hannibal managed to not only control his mercenary army (which had been described as ‘a hotch-potch of the riff-raff of all nationalities’) but went on to win victories over the Roman forces for fifteen straight years – and that too within the confines of ‘foreign’ Italy. Du Chat. This is the track which is a part of Hannibal's Route of the Invasion of Italy in the 3rd Centurt B.C. ARGANT, J. KAPRAN, B. Eine Antikritik [in favour of the Mont Genèvre route as against Niebuhr and Mommsen's adoption of the Little St. Bernard route]. Hannibal Barkas (Carthago, 247 v.Chr. Custom PDF Personalised up-to-date PDF - for Hannibal… Quite unsurprisingly, both of them were consulted for the PBS documentary. Well, to that end, PBS’ new documentary – Secrets of the Dead: Hannibal in the Alps (that aired on 10th April) might just have a few answers. Cerchi la mappa di Hannibal o la piantina di Hannibal? Flaminius had no choice but to hastily pursue Hannibal who now lay in wait by Lake Trasimene. And lastly, while the feat of Hannibal crossing the Alps was certainly audacious, the ‘audacity’ of the scope was fairly well planned by Hannibal. ViaMichelin ti indica la distanza esatta da percorrere tra East Hannibal e Hannibal, in base all’itinerario utilizzato. "The route in question is too often promoted by popularists who've never climbed competing Alpine routes, of which about 10 passes need to be totally eliminated before this study has any real credibility," Hunt observes, "The fact that so many today in the popular media are claiming this now solves Hannibal's route is both sadly superficial and premature. Somelar, P. WC Mahaney 1 ,; Barbara Kapran 1 ,; Pierre Tricart 2. Carcaillet, Christopher MAHANEY, W. C. Ruten førte Hannibal til sejr. Brand menu: Adidas, Nike, Lazy Oaf, Parra, Carhartt, Wasted Paris, Kappa Kontroll, Stussy, Wemoto, Vans, Fila, Daily Paper, Ucon Acrobatics, LC23 and more.. Leggi tutto. Downloads. One should perhaps apologize for reopening the question of Hannibal's route over the Alps after the publication of Sir Gavin de Beer's recent book. For over 2,000 years, historians, scholars and scientists have speculated and argued over the route Hannibal and his armies took while crossing the Alps. In essence, a considerable amount of food also had to be carried by the army’s baggage train, which must have consisted of thousands of pack-mules. Now as the researchers excavated the dirt in the area, they analyzed how the surface soil with its peaty nature fused with plant fibers, gradually gave way to a more compact variety of soil that was mixed with a fine-grained variety.
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