350 notes. Ralph Breaks the Internet is about toxic masculinity and creating co-dependent relationship regardless of another person’s wishes. Beyond the northernmost sea, and only reachable because Elsa conquered the spiritual element of wind, this frozen “river of memory” is where Elsa belts “Show Yourself” in what looks like a vast animated version of Superman: The Movie’s Krypton. Reblog. It is the sins of her family, the sins of her nation, and the sinful lies on which Arendelle are built. As Elsa and Anna’s mother hints in a half-remembered lullaby, “Can you face what the river knows? In the movie, we learn that an alliance between Arendelle and the Northuldra was violated when Elsa and Anna’s grandfather, the former king, tricked the Northuldra into using a dam and then killed their leader without provocation. Instead she learned from the ugly truth of her forefathers, and in doing so saved Elsa from death. Disney's 'Frozen 2' features a happy ending (naturally), but it's one that finds Anna and Elsa in a different place than where they started. Many are raised with a sense of patriotism and a love of their communal history, which can be a great thing. He’s also a member of the Online Film Critics Society. "Frozen" franchise has millions of fans worldwide. Raised on cinema classics that ranged from…, Disney Sequels: How We Went from Direct-to-Video to Frozen II, Frozen 2: Trailers, Release Date, Cast, Poster, and News, Frozen II: 8 Things We Learned at Disney Animation Studios, Best Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Gifts: A Star Wars Holiday Buying Guide, Funko Gift Guide: Best Funko Pop Figures and Toys for the Holidays, LEGO Gift Guide: Best LEGO Sets for the Holidays, Hasbro Gift Guide: Best Hasbro Toys, Action Figures, and Games for the Holidays. The official website for Disney’s FROZEN, the new West End musical, coming to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane from April 2021. In this space, her ability to see into “ice’s memory” connects the dots around why the enchanted forest north of Arendelle was impenetrable for 30 years… and why Elsa was given the double-edged power of ice. It became a piece of forgotten history until Elsa works to uncover what really happened. The bonus “Frozen 2… The dam breaks, the spell is broken, and everyone is saved and happy. 22 minutes. Nothing is really solved, but catastrophe is avoided in a way that feels unearned. This piece includes minor spoilers for Frozen 2! It’s explicit in her two big power ballads of the film. While the credits are always worth watching to get an idea of who helped make a movie, Disney fans should expect one post-credits scene, located at the very end of the film. While I highly doubt a Disney movie is actually suggesting something as radical as some sort of major reparations project for any specific community wronged by a government (or corporation), there is still something transgressive about this finale, even with its Disneyfied resolution: Anna does the next right thing, so the spirits of the forest restore Elsa to life, and she can in turn use her ice powers to save Arendelle’s capital from being flooded into oblivion. Today we have new Frozen 2 featurette, an extended version of the clip we previously posted, two new banners for the film, and some info on a surprise after the credits. In Frozen II, Elsa starts out as Queen of Arendelle, but then a journey into the nearby enchanted forest inspires her to find her true path as a fifth … But loving your community, or your country, also means accepting the darkest chapters of its history and even, if possible, reaching for some type of atonement in the future. It doesn’t want to follow the subtext to its natural conclusion, and it’s a conclusion that’s incredibly important in today’s world. David Crow is the Film Section Editor at Den of Geek. Enjoy a FREE TRIAL of Disney+, courtesy of Den of Geek! If you stick around through the credits of Frozen 2, you’ll be rewarded with an end credits scene featuring everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf. Watch our complete overview of Frozen 2 beneath:As soon as Elsa reaches the legendary landmark she uncovers the reality: it used to be her grandfather who attacked the Northuldra after development the dam to weaken their land and lead them to susceptible to his advances. She says she is now the â€œFifth Spirit,” hence her place belonging in the forest. To accept that can be chilling. The ending is thus characteristically happy, with the Northuldra people finally free from the enchanted fog around their forest and Arendelle standing tall… Anna even gets to become queen herself while Elsa decides to live with the Northuldra. In order to restore peace and break the spell, the dam must be destroyed, but destroying the dam will also flood Arendelle. As the site's Chief Film Critic, he has authored hundreds of reviews and covered major film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. He resides in Atlanta with his wife and their dog Jack. That is Anna’s role in Frozen II’s climax. In any event, Elsa takes on an even greater mythic quality. 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