Member. FSElite uses cookies to enhance and personalise the user's experience. All Rights Reserved. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 comes in several releases and therefore prices. The news was documented in the Feedback snapshot under issue #11 related to how “reflections look grainy, even if reflections are on ultra”. One of the questions was about DirectX 12 support. There is the STANDARD edition at A$99.00 then comes the DELUX version at A$139.95 and of course the PREMIUM version priced at A$179.95. DX12 doesn't make a jot of difference to the main thread. It has been no less than fourteen years since the last Microsoft Flight Simulator X game was released. Microsoft Flight Simulator - UK-focused update in January, Full VR support is coming in December, DX12 support (Xbox release important) Thread starter Theorry Start date Friday at 10:42 AM Create your flight plan and fly anywhere on the planet. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (also in the Microsoft Store) was just released on August 18 th, 2020. How Microsoft Flight Simulator will use the new rendering API is yet to be seen other than fixing an issue reported on by the community. Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions. Hi there. So it is much easier to use just a few cores and it's better if those cores run fast. There is high altitude flight, and low altitude flight, both of which perform very differently on PC, especially when in large cities or other urban environments. Ici, vous trouverez toutes les dernières actualités et informations relatives au développement du simulateur. FSElite is proud to be one of the fastest growing flight simulation websites on the market and our growth continues to show that. I've never seen significant overall performance improvements moving from DX11 to 12. has put together an extensive analysis of what works best and has allowed us to republish the article. The faster graphics cards start to show off starting at Ultra HD though. Download for free and enhance your experience in MSFS 2020… Although, the … Can The Nvidia RTX 3080 Run Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 at 4k 60 fps? Thrustmaster TCA Thottle Quadrant: The FSElite Review, Vancouver International Airport V2: The FSElite Review, Terrainy Studios Shares New Previews of Samos for MSFS, Aerosoft Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport For MSFS: The FSElite Review, Final Thoughts with Virtual-Fly: The FSElite Original, VATSIM Cross The Pond Slot Booking Changes, announcement of the free Japan ‘World Update’, upcoming Japan ‘World Update’ in our previous post. I am experiencing very very poor performance for a top end PC with this simulator. One of the most known issues with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is that it is CPU bottlenecked. Flight Simulator 2020 is full of system-related bottlenecks and that is holding down performance in the lower resolutions. Currently, Microsoft Flight Simulator runs on DirectX 11, whilst DirectX 12 is the latest version of the API system. Mardi 3 Nov 2020 à 11:38:23 : Cyberpunk 2077 reporté au 10 décembre 2020: Dysnome: GameLand: 5: Mercredi 28 Oct 2020 à 00:00:36 : Quel écran pour jouer à Flight Simulator 2020 … The faster graphics cards start … Developers have said that DirectX 12 offers a lot more flexibility for creators and more functionality to take advantage of features for the latest graphics cards. There is a big team working on DirectX 12 support and they have been working on it for a while, It’s not going to be for performance reasons mostly, Dx12 support is being added for things like ray tracing and new effects, Rendering work is already handled in a separate process/core, Sebastian goes to say that it won’t provide big performance increases but quickly corrects himself, No release date is given for Dx12 support.
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