she asked. The song has originally been sung … Fans knew they could expect BTS' full album on Nov. 20, but, of course, there was a ton of other stuff that comes with a record release that even ARMYs couldn't anticipate. Lynnea, who is a Season 15 contestant on The Voice, dropped the song last week. Did BTS' V push Jungkook for his new song 'Stay'? Even before the album's release on Feb. 21, the BTS … The Sweet Night singer has returned for another round music suggestion. 1. The day ARMYs have been dreaming about for months is finally here. Taehyung suggested listening to two songs during this quarantine. Now that the full song is here, ARMYs are being taken on an emotional journey where the boys sing about experiencing anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation during the pandemic. V took to Weverse to drop a music recommendation. The victory was short-lived, as a new song has now topped the iTunes charts in even more countries than “Black Swan”—and it happens to be by a member of BTS. He also contributed to writing lyrics for the song "Fun Boyz", co-composed by bandmate Suga. He was first credited for music composition in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 when he co-wrote and co-produced the song "Hold Me Tight". On a recent live stream, BTS’ V played some of his favorite songs for ARMYs. On June 13, BTS appeared on “FM 0.6 13” and talked about a lot of things including the ranking for their songs, fans had voted their favorite V song, “Winter Bear”, “Singularity”, and “Sweet Night” ranked 1, 2, and 3, respectively, however, his first solo song “Stigma” ranked at number 6. Today, the singer picked Lynnea Moorer's cover of Just A Boy. @bts_bighit song do you guys wanna hear?" Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To the Moon. Several ARMY members showered the singer with love. Or maybe it's me that loneliness gave birth to, I hope it doesn't erode me, I'll find an exit, My hands have reached out countless times, I am singing by myselfI just wanna be happier, I felt when I walked on the cold winter streets, Please don't leave me alone, it hurts too much, The streets I usually walk and the light I always receive, I don't feel like myself at this momentI'm just not scared, Hundreds of millions of grey facial expressions here, After secretly picking up the words in the air, Now I fall asleep in the morning, good night. BTS' Kim Tae-hyung aka V and Jeon Jung-kook (Dynamite music video) In a series of ‘Weverse’ interviews, BTS members are getting candid about their journey, music and career, and in the latest edition, the supergroup's youngest member, Jeon … What do BTS' "Blue & Grey" lyrics mean in English? Exactly a week after it was first announced, the solo song from V (a.k.a. Whether you've been waiting for a specific song or to hear your favorite BTS member bust out a ballad, fans are already wondering: What do BTS' "Blue & Grey" lyrics mean in English? Today, the singer picked Lynnea Moorer's cover of Just A Boy. Moorer took to Twitter and thanked Taehyung. Introduced a friend to their music. V… V and his fellow BTS members reveal which song by the famous group totally defines their personality. Now, the band featured on the latest cover of the Esquire magazine and spoke their heart out about songs and each other. V took to Weverse to drop a music recommendation. they noticed that "Blue & Grey" was a song on the album. Piggybacking off of the lyrics V already teased, on the track he sings: "A weary sigh of a tiring day / I guess everyone's happy / Can you look at me? The song has reached #1 on iTunes Songs Chart in 117 countries, making him the first and only act in history to achieve this. "WOWOWOWOW thank you for all the love @bts_bighit @BTS_twt," she tweeted. ", In the second verse, Suga gets really deep, singing: "I don't know where it went wrong / Ever since I was a kid, I've had a blue question mark in my hеad / Maybe that's why I've been living so fiercely / But when I look back, I'm all by myself / That hazy shadow that swallows me up / Still, the blue question mark, is it anxiety or depression? Luckily, I've got the answers for you, but they may leave you feeling broken-hearted. “Spine Breaker,” Skool Luv Affair (2014) Early on in the group’s career, BTS set itself apart by boldly … / How am I so regretful? For music videos by BTS, see BTS videography. Several BTS fans logged into YouTube to watch the song. Many fans were surprised by how vintage many of the songs were, but it just goes to show how deep his music knowledge goes. As a token of appreciation, Lynnea also reached out to the ARMY asking for a BTS song that she can cover. Initially, ARMYs thought the song was going to be a solo on V's upcoming mixtape, because he had previously teased the tune during an episode of BTS' In The Soop series. "Dream: collab w/ you and Tae (V); your voices are so emotional and goosebump inducing," suggested another fan. BTS singer V recommended the ARMY listen to Lynnea Moorer's cover of Just A Boy. V ocalist V from BTS has released a new song for the Korean drama Itaewon Class.. “Sweet Night,” featuring a warm melody from the deep-voiced artist, … For the song "Run", V's melody was used with Jungkook's original lyrics for the next album The Most Beautiful Momen… The song has originally been sung by Alaina Castillo. On Nov. 10, fans went wild on Twitter after the group posted the full tracklist for BE, and they noticed that "Blue & Grey" was a song on the album. 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